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1931 Ford Model A Sedan Hot Rod

Well, well, well, a true blast from the past. Often forgotten about, the 1931 Ford Model A was a truly extraordinary machine. This hot rod features a supercharged 331-cubic inch Hemi V-8 engine that pumps out 500 horsepower. So who’s responsible for this beautiful hunk of metal? The team at St.Louis-based Classic Car Studio. The crew built the car for Dale Stewart, the bass player of South African rock band Seether.

In true 1930s-era style, the exterior sports a distressed finish with brass aircraft rivets, and the roof is made of zebra wood. Classic. Check it out and see why this might just be the most badass hot rod ever made.

Source: Motor Authority, Forma Car

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  1. Anonymous

    Definitely a work of “art.” Don’t even think about driving it with those front drum brakes.


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