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Annoying Trend Has Dodge Making Changes to Charger and Challenger Design

Dodge Charger and Challenger owners are choosing to keep the factory-installed splitter guard protectors on their cars following delivery, and the automaker can’t seem to understand why. Fiat Chrysler began installing the plastic protectors in 2015 to protect them during the shipping process, with the assumption that dealerships would remove the guards before turning the car over to the customer. So, why aren’t they doing this? The customers are requesting that they leave it on. Even with the sticker that says: “TO BE REMOVED BY DEALER.”

Thanks to Car and Driver, we now know this is a hot topic within the Charger/Challenger community. There’s even a Facebook group with 12,000 members to discuss the subject. It’s puzzling why customers aren’t bothered by the bright yellow piece of plastic on their car, but it’s safe to assuming they are looking passe it for the sake of protection. In reality, though, they are “just ruining the paint,” according to Dodge and SRT design chief Mark Trostle.

So, what’s the solution? Dodge will be switching the color from bright yellow to hot pink, in the hopes that customers are less likely to want to leave the protector on. So, what do you think, would you leave the piece of plastic on your Charger or Challenger? Or is this trend blasphemy? Let us know.

Source: CarBuzz

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