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Brass Era: 1913 Mercer Raceabout

For most car buffs, the Mercer Raceabout is probably already in your vocabulary and if it’s not, it should be. Back in 1911, the first Raceabout hit the road and this American supercar played an instrumental role in our auto industry today. This is the ultimate Brass Era roadster and Jay Leno has managed to get his hands on one. Check it out, right here:

Source: Jay Leno’s GaragePinterest

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  1. Anonymous

    Indeed, a sports car, not a supercar. Alas this concept did not influence the US auto industry to the extent that it should have. Performance from cubic inches rather than light weight held sway in Detroit for a long time.


    PS: Even with the monocle windscreen deployed, it is very unwise to drive one of these without goggles.

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