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DRAG RACE: Ford Mustang vs. Kia Stinger

We have quite an unusual match up for you today. Sure, the Mustang and the Stinger both have their competitors, but they aren’t exactly in the same category. The Mustang is a coupe, and the Stinger is a sedan, but the guys at Throttle House might be on to something. The cars can both be had with turbo fours, but the Stinger offers a twin-turbo V6, and the Mustang packs a V8. The Stinger can be had with all-wheel drive, while the Mustang is only rear-driving. But, we ask you to suspend your disbelief, and look beyond the basic specs to see two cars go head-to-head in a classic drag race. Who comes out a winner? See for yourself, right here. Enjoy.

Source: CarBuzz, Throttle House


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