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Enter To Win A Piece Of The Greatest Corvette Collection Of All Time

Sure, it’s not that unusual that we cover a good old fashioned barn find. Although, it’s lost on us how anyone could lose track of a corvette under a tarp for years or decades at a time. In any case, it does happen. In 1989, Dennis Amodeo won a VH1 contest giving away 36 Chevrolet Corvette models from each of the 36 years of production. The collection was found abandoned 30 some-odd years ago in an NYC parking garage, and now they’re being given away again.

The collection has been dubbed “The Lost Corvettes,” and each of the models will be given away as part of a sweepstakes by Corvette Heros, a group of New York real estate and parking garage professionals. 36 different people will win and the proceeds will benefit the National Guard Education Fund. The best part? You can enter the sweepstakes for just a three dollar donation. Additional entries can be purchased, with the maximum donation set at $5,000 for 7,200 entries. Imagine winning a classic Corvette for three dollars. Check out The Lost Corvettes by clicking the video below. Oh, and you’ll have to excuse us, we’ll be making our donation right away. Interested? Click here to check out the rules and enter the sweepstakes. Best of luck!

Source: CarBuzz, The Lost Corvettes

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