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Is A New Dodge Challenger RED797 On The Horizon?

Now that the Demon is out of production (moment of silence, please,) muscle-car lovers are curious what Dodge will bring to the table next. And in true Dodge fashion, they’ve given us a teaser video. It’s hard to make out much, but it seems like it’s the RED797. Off the bat, we’re intrigued about the “797” in the name.

Over the past ten years, Dodge has produced increasingly larger and more powerful engines in the Challenger. From the Challenger R/T with 375 horsepower, all the way to the most recent Dodge Demon, with 808 hp. Even though the 797 designation in the new model hints towards a slight drop in output, we won’t turn our nose up at it, and neither should you. The RED797 looks seriously badass. When will we see it in its entirety? Fiat Chrysler is saying the RED797 is “coming soon.” Don’t worry, we’ll keep you updated. Check out the teaser, right here.

Source: CarBuzz, Dodge


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