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Jay Leno Hops In The DeLorean DMC12

Nothing like taking one of the most iconic movie cars of all time for a spin. Bob Gale, the Back to the Future co-creator, brought the DeLorean DMC12 to Jay Leno’s Garage and suddenly we feel like time-traveling. Bob brought some awesome fun facts from when the movie was in development. For example, the script was rejected over 40 times, the time machine was originally a refrigerator, and Marty McFly was played by Eric Stoltz for the first month or so.

The car that’s featured in the episode isn’t the actual car from the movie, that one is at the Peterson Museum. But the one you see here has many original parts and looks almost perfect. Check out the episode and find out why the car had to reach 88 mph to travel through time, and the thought process behind the modifications that make this time machine look like the real deal. Enjoy.

Source: CarBuzz, Jay Leno’s Garage

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