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The Dodge Challenger SRT Ghoul Is Coming

Could it be? The successor of the infamous Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is here? Fiat Chrysler released a teaser image yesterday that has fans buzzing. It’s the most powerful (and expensive,) version of the Challenger to date. We’re not sure exactly how powerful the Challenger SRT Ghoul will be, but it’s promised to pack more than the Demon, which has a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 and produces 808 horsepower. And who knows what’s possible if tuners like Hennessey and Mopar get their hands on the Ghoul.

As far as price goes, it will not be cheap. FCA has begun taking deposits of $20,000 each, and said the down-payment accounts for about ten percent of the final purchase amount. If we’re doing our math right, that would mean a 2020 Dodge Challenger SRT Ghoul will run customers roughly $200,000 a pop. That works out to be more than twice the cost of the Demon, more than the $120k Corvette ZR1, but less than the $450k Ford GT. As always, we’ll keep you updated. Stay tuned.

Source: CarBuzz

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