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The Royal Ride: Princess Diana’s Ford Escort

Earlier this month, a very special ford came up for sale: A Ford Escort that previously belonged to Princess Diana of Wales. Princess Diana was a member of the UK royal family who died tragically in 1997. The car was given to Diana by her then-fiancé Prince Charles as an engagement gift in 1981. A year after she was gifted the ride, she sold it for £6,000 ($8,469 in today’s dollars). Recently, the car was put up for auction by Reeman Dansie’s Royalty, Antiques, and Fine Art Sale. The final bidding price? A staggering £47,000 (about $72,000). This sale price exceeded expectations. After all – that kind of money could get you a base Shelby GT500!

Source: CarBuzz, furiousdriving

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