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The Top 3 V8 Engines Of All Time

The V8 engine dominates the market when it comes to American muscle. Why, you ask? Among other reasons is the basic layout, which allows for a lot of flexibility. The V8 took a while to get off the ground, but by 1915 Cadillac had started mass-producing its first V8, a 5.4-liter 70-hp engine that could get the early cars up to 65 mph. Other automakers like Oldsmobile, Chevrolet, and Ford all followed the leader and by the late ’30s, V8 engines were everywhere.

So, without further ado, here are our top rated V8 engines in our favorite pieces of American muscle. Enjoy.

The Ford Flathead:

Chevy Small-Block:

Chrysler HEMI:

Source: CarBuzz

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