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Watch Vaughn Gittin Jr. Drift in his 900-HP Ford Mustang RTR

Famous drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. has returned to the Nurburgring track to take his ‘Stang for spin. As you can imagine, the Formula Drift car produces a decent amount of noise and smoke during the run.

“The Nordschleife is one of, if not, the most iconic track in the world and I have been in love with the danger and folklore of the famous Green Hell at the Nürburgring since I can remember,” Gittin Jr. said. “Drifting the Nürburgring represents the ultimate challenge to me: it is something that many questioned whether it would be possible and whether the car and driver could do it and come out in one piece. Something inside of me had to take this on to find out.”

Interested buyers will be able to purchase one of Gittin Jr.’s road-ready Mustang RTRs through quite a few dealers. If you’re not hooked already, the cars will deliver close to 700 hp. Check out some clips from Gittin Jr.’s spin on the German racetrack, right here:

Source: Ford Performance, Motor Authority

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