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Will The Next Ford Mustang Have AWD?

Now that Ford is downsizing its platform to just five models, they are wokring on a redesign for the Mustang. Automotive News reported this week that the freshened ‘Stang is expected to arrive in 2021. In between then and now is the Mustang Hybrid, expected to launch in 2020.

The biggest change Ford will introduce with the 2021 Mustang is moving the car to a modular platform, likely rear-wheel-drive with available all-wheel drive. Mustang Chief Designer told Automotive News that fans have nothing to worry about. “Mustang is still going to be a strong, well proportioned vehicle,” “The modular architectures will still give us flexibility; it’s not going to bastardize the Mustang.”

The Chevrolet Camaro as well as the Dodge Challenger have already migrated to a modular platform, so we’re not too worried about this change. This has potential to excite Mustang fans that live in northern parts of the country, because of the all-wheel drive option. How will sales be impacted? Time will tell.

Source: Motor Authority, Automotive News

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