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The Saab Sonnett is a Two-Stroke Heirloom


Saab first ventured into the world of the sports car with the Sonett I. This model had a 57.5hp version of Saab’s three-cylinder two-stroke engine. At around 1300lbs, this car maxed out at 100 mph – nothing to sneeze at in 1955. Despite it’s name, the Sonett II is not a direct evolution of the Sonett I. Instead, the MFI-13 was Saab’s muse. You may know the Sonnett II by the name of Saab 97, too. This car was crafted with a fiberglass body, rigid steel box-type chassis and integral structural roll bar. Not many two-stroke Sonnett IIs were sold in the US, which makes this Saab that much cooler.

Watch the Petrolicious video below and see why this Saab is “Two Strokes of Luck”:

Source: Petrolicious 

Image Source: Curbside Classic

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The Morgan Plus 8 Speedster: Living Up to Its Legend


A limited edition Morgan is headed our way. The company has revealed their newest model called the Plus 8 Speedster. Production is scheduled to begin this June with the first cars available later this year. Wondering what’s to look forward to this time? The Plus 8 Speedster is sleeker and sportier than the Plus 8 yet it retains the timeless Morgan look. Morgan Motor Company practically invented retro and now they’ve combined it with the best of modern technology. The latest aluminum chassis holds everything together with help from a leather belt that keeps the hood in place. The speedster travels 0-62 mph in 4.2 seconds courtesy of the BMW 4.8-liter V8 inside. It seems only fitting that a special edition car come at a special edition price – and it does. The Morgan Plus 8 Speedster will sell for £69,995, which is about $117,000.



Sources: Wired, Car Buzz

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1967 Pontiac Firebird Find: ‘Holy Grail’ of Muscle Cars


“Fast N’ Loud” host Richard Rawlings has found the car industry’s “Holy Grail” – the first two Pontiac Firebirds ever built. The classic muscle cars were sitting in a Connecticut garage when Rawlings pulled them out for restoration. Originally these prototypes were manufactured by Pontiac engineers and used as models for the 1967 Firebird that we all know and love. “#1” and “#2” as they’re called, will be featured on tonight’s episode of “Fast N’ Loud.” According to Rawlings, “These cars were thought to have been long gone.”


Hear the plan for Firebirds #1 and #2 on www.Discovery.com

Image Source: Fast N’ Loud

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The Plymouth That Stands Out: Road Runner Superbird


The Plymouth Road Runner Superbird was created for one purpose: to conquer NASCAR. Namely NASCAR champion Richard Petty. Chrysler designed this aerodynamic wonder in hopes of luring Petty away from Ford. This unique muscle car sports a pointy beak and a rear spoiler that sits several feet above the rear deck. Think this was enough to get Petty behind the wheel? By 1971, NASCAR had changed the rules to limit horsepower to cars with big wings. This was a big swing and a miss for Chrysler but hey, at least they tried. Believe it or not, this quirky looking car is a pretty valuable one. At the Barrett-Jackson 2014 Auction, the 1970 Superbird (shown below) was sold for $500,000 – a big step up from its original $5,503 price tag.



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Ford Celebrates 50 Years of Mustang


50 years ago today, the Ford Mustang made its debut. This iconic car carries a history and heritage that few other automobiles can match. Today Ford is just as passionate about their pony car as they were on day one – that calls for a celebration. For the second time, Ford has parked a Mustang on top of the Empire State Building. Yes, you read that right: the 1,224-foot skyscraper. The first time the company pulled this stunt was in 1965 to commemorate the first Mustang model and as of yesterday they’ve officially done it again. Sitting high above New York is a yellow 2015 GT 5.0 convertible. Compared to the 1965 version, the Mustang on display today is bigger, longer and wider. By the looks of this beautiful new version of the beloved model, the Ford Mustang gets better with age. Cheers to another 50 years of Ford Mustang.

Wondering how Ford pulled off the climb? Check out the video below featuring the 2015 Mustang and the team that brought it to the top (literally).

Source: www.YouTube.com/FordVideo1

Image Source: CBS New York