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Getting There: The Porsche Navigation System


When it comes to Porsche, it’s all about the driving experience. Life is carefree when it’s just you and the open road – until you get lost, that is. Now Porsche Classic is offering a small navigation system that’ll plug right into the dash of any 911 from the first generation up through the Type 933. The unit is discreet so it won’t take away from the already streamlined cabin. We call this one a win win. Check it out:

Source: CarBuzz

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The Jensen GT: Revived


We all remember Jensen: one of those British marques that you wish hadn’t disappeared. Now it’s back after some time laying low and the revival is something you don’t want to miss. The comeback model is called the Jensen GT and this two-door coupe (currently made of clay) looks to be a modern interpretation of classic lines. In true Jensen fashion, we’d expect a fastback but the two-door coupe with trunk seems fitting. The GT will be powered by a 6.4-liter supercharged V8 with direct injection, variable-valve timing and dry-sump lubrication, mated to a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. That’s 665 horsepower and 630 pound-feet of torque. We’ll say no more while you take a better look:


Source: AutoBlog

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Totally Tuned: The 2015 Ford Petty’s Garage Mustang


If you’ve forgotten about the baby blue 2015 Ford Mustang GT tuned by Petty’s Garage at last year’s SEMA, you’re not getting off so easy. The pony car is here to stay – all 143 of them. Ford Motor Company has teamed with Petty’s Garage to build the limited edition run of the popular model. There will be two types available:

Stage One:

– 100 of the 143 cars

– powered by a supercharged 2015 Mustang GT 5.0-liter V-8

– 627 horsepower

– custom front end

– rear center-exit exhaust

– race-inspired spoiler

Stage Two:

– Petty’s Garage Wilwood big brake upgrade

– Petty’s Garage custom two-tone paint job

– Three-piece forged-aluminum wheels from HRE

– NASCAR number 43 ghosted into the hood and C-pillar paint

Even AC/DC lead singer Brian Johnson has joined the club. Get ‘em while they’re hot.


Source: Motor Authority

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$2.9 Million Dollar Joy Ride


Back in December, Ferrari gave us the FXX K – a bigger and better LaFerrari. This track-dedicated car delivers 1,036 brake horsepower for the bargain price of $2.9 million. The unique thing about this car is that you can’t have it – Ferrari won’t actually let you take it anywhere. Instead, the marque holds your FXX K at its factory until you’re ready to unleash it on the track. In the video below, watch F1 star Sebastian Vettel take the wheel of the latest Prancing Horse:

Source: Wired, Ferrari 

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El Camino Dreams Made into Reality

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 11.17.59 AM

Do you remember your first car? Whether you drove the hottest Chevy on the block or crafted your car by hand, this 16-year-old’s dream will bring you right back to those days:

The Make-A-Wish Foundation in Utah grants about three wishes a week to children with life-threatening diseases or illnesses and last week one kid got the car of his dreams. When it was 16-year-old Cameron Newton’s time for a wish, he didn’t ask for a trip or to meet a celebrity – he asked to have his 1986 Chevy El Camino refurbished. Volunteers at Griffin’s Golden Glow helped make this wish a reality and Cameron’s reaction to the reveal is priceless:

Make-A-Wish brings teen’s classic car dream to life

Source: Fox13 Salt Lake City