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Extremely Rare Mustang Heads To Auction

It’s very impressive how the rare-Mustang market has grown. If you stay updated with old school ‘Stangs that go to auction, you know that things are booming right now. If you’re a true Mustang fan, you are probably familiar with Lee Iacocca, the man credited for inventing the Mustang. In 2009, a special edition Mustang was created in his honor and only 45 examples were made. One of those 45 examples is heading to the auction block at Barrett-Jackson in West Palm Beach, Florida from April 12th-15th. Lucky number 20 with the VIN 1ZVHT82H395123560.

Some noteworthy details of the Iacocca Edition Mustang are:

-Unique bodywork done by Michael Leone, the man responsible for the Eleanor Mustang in Gone In 60 Seconds.

-Sunken headlights, covered rear windows, 20-inch wheels, diamond-stiched leather, and a special plaque and unique badging.

-An optional supercharger that brings the 4.6-liter V8 up to 400 horsepower (from 300).

-Five-speed manual transmission

The number 45 wasn’t chosen at random. It marked the car’s 45th anniversary, each example sold by Galpin Ford in southern California. The car on the block has less than 500 miles on the odometer, so you can expect it to go for quite a bit of cash. We’ll keep you posted.

Source: CarBuzz, Barrett-Jackson

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The Custom Camaro with 1,000 HP

Let’s start by saying that we love tuning shops that take already beefed up muscle cars, and make them even crazier. What we have for you today might seem like your ordinary Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE, with a 455-horsepower V8 and a whole slew of goodies. What you’re actually looking at is a new Camaro-based monster muscle car dubbed the 2018 YENKO/SC Stage II Camaro. New Jersey based tuning company Specialty Vehicle Engineering is the brains behind this project. Under the hood is an LT1 V8 engine that has a displacement of 6.8-liters, a supercharger, crankshaft, CNC ported heads, and forged aluminum pistons.

Other noteworthy upgrades include new rods and an upgraded fuel system with new injectors. As a result, this custom ride produces an insane 1,000 horsepower and 875 lb-ft of torque. Interested? Only 25 examples are being built. Each will have a fixed-head coupe equipped with an upgraded Tremec six-speed manual transmission. No price details have been released just yet. More to come on that.

Source: CarBuzz , Specialty Vehicle Engineering

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Caught on Camera: Camaro Cruise Gone Wrong

We’ve all been there (or daydreamed about it) – cruising down the open road in your beloved ride. A father and son were doing exactly what their 700 hp Camaro was modified for, until things went South and the pony car caught fire. The spectacle was all captured on video and thankfully the father and son are fine.

Let’s just chalk this one up to another restoration project – stay tuned for updates.

Source: James TowerMotor Authority 

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Totally Tuned: The 2015 Ford Petty’s Garage Mustang

If you’ve forgotten about the baby blue 2015 Ford Mustang GT tuned by Petty’s Garage from the 2014 SEMA, you’re not getting off so easy. The pony car had a (very) limited run– 143 to be exact. Ford Motor Company teamed up with Petty’s Garage to build the limited edition run of the popular model. They produced two types that were made available:

Stage One:

– 100 of the 143 cars

– powered by a supercharged 2015 Mustang GT 5.0-liter V-8

– 627 horsepower

– custom front end

– rear center-exit exhaust

– race-inspired spoiler

Stage Two:

– Petty’s Garage Wilwood big brake upgrade

– Petty’s Garage custom two-tone paint job

– Three-piece forged-aluminum wheels from HRE

– NASCAR number 43 ghosted into the hood and C-pillar paint

Even AC/DC lead singer Brian Johnson has joined the club. We can’t blame him!

Source: Motor Authority

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The Ford Focus RS Has an Insane Drift Stick

You’re probably aware that the Ford Focus RS now has a new rally-inspired Drift Stick available. Not only is it ridiculously cool, it has a pretty sweet price tag. For an extra $1,000 on top of the Focus RS’ $41,995 base price, it can be yours. Sure, it comes with installation instructions, but not all of us are, let’s say, mechanically inclined. Your local Ford dealership could take care of it, but for the adventurous who would rather give it a go themselves, Ford developed this video. Interested? Check it out, right here.

Source: Ford Performance, CarBuzz