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2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Sheds Even More Weight

By this point, you are probably aware that the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT will be significantly lighter in weight than the Hellcat Challenger (200 pounds lighter, in fact). What we’ve just learned is exactly where that weight is coming from. The Dodge team did it by dropping most of the seats, along with a few other tricks up their sleeve.

The Demon sheds 113 pounds by making the front passenger seat, its seat belt, and back seat optional. The front seat and seat belt cut 58 pounds, and the back seat sheds a solid 55. In full, the two account for a large chunk of the weight loss in comparison to the Hellcat.

The wheels also play into the Challenger SRT Demon’s diet. It’s unique 18-by-11 inch wheels are 16 pounds lighter than the Hellcat’s. In addition, a manual/telescopic steering wheel loses four pounds, and an 18-pound loss is thanks to removing 23 noise, vibration, and harshness parts (not to worry, the Demon will still be plenty loud). The SRT Demon sheds another 20 pounds thanks to removing the trunk trim and spare tire. Check it out:

Source: AutoBlog

Video Source: Dodge



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