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2018 Expedition Will Offer Live TV Streaming

TV from the comfort of your vehicle? Sounds like every carpool Mom’s dream. But we might be into it.. Ford is making it easier then ever to stream live TV from your vehicle with the help of SlingPlayer. The all-new Ford Expedition can stream TV shows and live sporting events on the move.

The EVO system consists of two 8-inch monitors in the back of the front-seat headrests, a wireless internet hotspot, and the main ingredient: SlingPlayer, which allows users to connect to a home cable or satellite system to watch TV. Passengers can also use the DVD player, HDMI port, USB, or the SD card reader for additional content. Cherry on top? Streaming video can be sent to the display screens via the system’s SmartStream app on iOS or Android. Nice. Keep this ride in mind for your next road trip, you know we will.

Source and Image Source: MotorTrend

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