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An American Sports Car with an Un-American Design: The Chevrolet Corvair Corsa


When Americans started to drive foreign imports, American car companies needed to compete. Enter the Chevrolet Corvair: a cool American sports car with a very un-American design. The original Corvair sported a rear-mounted engine, completely flat floor pan and improved interior. When the Corvair died down, Chevrolet released the special edition Corvair Corsa fitted with a 140hp engine with 4 single barrel carbs. The new and improved Corvair Corsa was commonly compared to the Porsche 911 and the facts don’t lie:

–       basic rear-engine

–       rear-wheel drive architecture

–       both powered by a flat-six engine

–       swing-axle suspension in the rear


Source: Petrolicious , Hemmings

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  1. Anonymous

    If my recollection is correct, the Corsa was introduced long before the demise of the Corvair in the wake of Ralph Nader’s book. Almost all Corsa had forced induction and 180 hp. It was not a Porsche but was one of Detroit’s most interesting postwar products.

    John Kuhn Bleimaier

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