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Battle Of The Fords: Mustang GT vs. Focus RS

We come baring good news, well, for all of our European enthusiasts. Everyones favorite American Automaker (if you couldn’t guess, it’s Ford) is now offering similarly priced performance vehicles, that couldn’t be more different. Ford always wants to push more vehicles (what automaker doesn’t?). At the moment, though, Ford is focusing on the UK. And lucky for European buyers, the Blue Oval now¬†has a wide variety of performance picks. Ford thought it would be a good idea to swap the steering wheel side, add independent rear suspension, and see if any European customers would go for it. And they did.

Now that European dealerships are offering Mustangs, the pony car is, (once again) at the top of the list. The best-selling sports car is more popular than ever and the Blue Oval is stoked about it. Now, the question for European buyers is, which performance car do they go with? Is it the muscle car with the V8 and line lock, or the turbocharged rally racer that tears it up in drift mode. It’s possible that it could come down to power alone. The mustang churns out 460 horsepower at the rear and the Focus RS puts up 350 going to all four wheels. The choice might be hard, but you really can’t go wrong either way.

Source: Carbuzz

Video Source: Autocar


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