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Bring ‘Em Back: 6 Extinct Classic Car Components

As the automotive industry evolves, certain car parts get left behind and just don’t seem to make a timely comeback. Today we’re counting down the classic car components that need to be revived. This could be considered wishful thinking, but we’ll wait patiently for this one.

1. Quarter Glass/Triangular Vent Windows

2. Fender Mirrors

3. Bench Seats

4. Shark Fins

5. Split Front and Rear Windshields

6. Manual Column Shifters

Source: Autos

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  1. Anonymous

    Manual transmission on the column makes perfect ergonomic sense. You are shifting in the same plane as you are steering. Note rallye ace Eric Carlsson who won the Monte Carlo Rallye twice for Saab back in the ’60s.Vent windows provide excellent, draft-free ventilation and defrosting… a real plus. The tail fins of late ’50s and ’60s Mercedes provided high speed stability on bias ply tires utilizing Wunibald Kamm’s aerodynamic principles. A great idea in its time.

    John Kuhn Bleimaier

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