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Buying a Ford Now Comes With Racing School Perks

And who doesn’t like perks? Probably one of the best things about Ford is that there’s something for just about anyone. From the Fiesta ST all the way to the GT supercar, there’s a car that will fit any personality and, most importantly, budget. Ford is running a promotion for new buyers. For $1,695, customers can attended a one-day program at Ford Performance Racing School that will teach them essentials like cornering techniques, overall control, and downshift braking. Buyers can opt for the two-day program, but that’s running for a hefty $3,195.

The racing school is located at The Utah Motorsports Campus, a 4.5-mile, 23-turn circuit with up to four different configurations in the venue. It can be converted from two different 2.2 mile circuits to a 3.08 mile perimeter course and a 4.5 mile full course. Sure, the school might seem a little steep. But $1500-$3000 seems like a small price to pay to learn how to drive your new ride to its fullest capacity. Check out the video below for more details on the racing school. Enjoy.

Source: CarBuzz, Ford Performance

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