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From C-Type to F-Type: The Jaguar Evolution


The F-Type may be the newest member of the Jaguar fleet but it didn’t come out of nowhere. There have been plenty of legends before the F-Type was even a thought, building the incredible Jaguar heritage year by year. It all started with the C-Type: the successor to the XK120. The C-Type aka XK120C, was developed for racing and with it, Jaguar entered and won the 24 Hours of LeMans in 1951. See where Jaguar took this solid start in the XCAR film below:

Source: XCAR, SuperCars.net

Image Source: Jaguar

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    • Carancestry

      Thank you for the question!

      Jaguar made no A-Type nor B-Type. The first model of the series was intended for racing so the company called it C-Type aka Competition-Type.

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