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Car Condos: The ‘Man Cave’ Makeover


Baby boomers have just taken luxury to the next level. Car condos are the next big thing and they’ll keep your ride in style – for a price. When Eric Murphy developed a space for his beloved red Ferrari F430, a run-of-the-mill garage simply wouldn’t do. His solution? 40 acres of garages overlooking a wetland outside Minneapolis deemed AutoMotorPlex. It’s a hybrid man cave/showroom: a place for enthusiasts to hang out with their cars, watch sports on TV, and commune with other aficionados.


For upwards of $600,000 these glorified garages will be popping up all over the United States, including a project with a 1.5-mile test track planned on the grounds of a defunct General Motors plant near Detroit. 55-year-old entrepreneur Bruno Silikowski originated this concept and his fellow car lovers have run with it. His idea is fairly simple and works as a regular condominium. A developer handles the permits, the property, building construction and utilities, and then tenants secure a unit for a monthly fee. Think of these condos as retirement homes for cherished muscle cars – just way cooler. For more, check out the original article via Bloomberg News on the Philadelphia Inquirer.



Source: Bloomberg News, Jalopnik

Image Sources: Saunders Classics, CWSCC, The Motoring Journal, Curbed

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