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Chrysler Is Getting A 300 Hellcat

Historically, Chrysler hasn’t offered a ton of different models at a time. In fact, the automakers website shows the only models for sale are the Pacifica and the Pacifica Hybrid, the 300, and the 200. So for the most part, Chrysler sells three models, two of those being very out of date. Fortunately, Chrysler is bringing some fresh products to its lineup. Automotive News reported that crossovers should be expected (shocker, we know).
A pair of crossovers will arrive in the Chrysler showroom, and the 300 will survive long enough for another cycle. Chrysler will also refresh the 300 for 2019 with plans to shed some weight in order┬áto improve fuel efficiency. A turbocharged four-cylinder is the expected source of power for the 300, but there’s been rumors about a Hellcat engine going into the 300 for 2018. The Pacifica will also be refreshed in 2020.
A mid-sized crossover will compete with the Jeep Cherokee and begin production in 2019. A full-size crossover will join the Pacifica platform in 2020. Chrysler has also been showing off its latest autonomous driving project, the EV Portal. While the EV Portal has no serious plans for production, we can assume Chrysler is eager to join the autonomous driving race. We’re more focused on that potential Hellcat-powered 300 model though…
Source and Image Source: CarBuzz, Automotive News

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