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Is The Dodge Demon Slower Than The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk?

It’s true. And there’s a reason why. The Demon is electronically limited to 168 mph while the Trackhawk taps out around 180 mph. So the question here is why. The Dodge Demon is supposed to be the most badass race car we’ve seen to date. The Demon has 840 hp over the Trackhawk’s 707 hp. So shouldn’t the Demon dominate if put up against the Jeep? Fortunately for us, the most recent episode of Engineering Explained goes into detail about why this is so.

The short version? It all boils down to the tires. The Demon’s purpose is to dominate the quarter-mile, so it requires special tires. Dodge went with the Nitto drag radials and because of their soft compound with hardly any tread, it has a limited top speed of 168 mph. Check out the episode below for all the deets.

Source: CarBuzz, Engineering Explained

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