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Drag Race: World’s Fastest Corvette C8 vs. Porsche Taycan

You may have seen our previous post, or you might be generally familiar with Emelia Hartford as the owner of the world’s fastest C8 Corvette thanks to a twin-turbo setup that lets it do a quarter-mile in 9.41 seconds. The good people over at Hoonigan invited her to a This or That race between the C8 and a stock Porsche Taycan Turbo.

Let’s think about this for a second. On paper, the Corvette has some advantages. It brings to the table 80 horsepower more than the Porsche and weighs 1,572 pounds less. On the other hand, the Taycan has the advantage of instant torque from its electric powertrain and all-wheel drive. Hm.

After 3 races (1,000 ft, 1,500 ft, and the final one somewhere in between), the Corvette comes out on top 2/3 times (both times being the longer stretches). Which isn’t a surprise considering all that power coming from the C8, and that the Porsche took an early lead in all 3 races thanks to the electric powertrain. Check out the video below, it’s worth the watch. Enjoy.

Source: Motor1, Hoonigan

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