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Ford Galaxie 500XL: The Liveliest of All


1962 was the year of “The Lively Ones from Ford.” Liveliest of all was the Galaxie 500XL: the first of big performance Fords. The 500XL was a sub-series of the Galaxie 500 model. With a four-speed manual transmission and up to 425 bhp this car was intended for NASCAR and named for it, too. “500” comes from the 500-mile NASCAR races in which Ford was doing so well.

The Galaxie 500XL shown above is flawless, but it’s hard not to appreciate the version shown below. Here’s the story of a man and “Some Old Ford.”

Source: Vimeo

Image Source: Hemmings

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  1. Anonymous

    Had a 1964 Ford galaixy 500 HT with 289 V8. Drove it 260,000 miles and was still running good. Should of kept it. Nice ride. Still have a 1970 Ford XL Conv. since 1970 and have kept it in original condition. Now take the grandchildren for a ride and in a few parades and local car shows. Lots of fun. 352 W with three on the tree. White with a black tolp and red interior, all original.

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