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Ford Recalls Nearly 6,000 2017 Mustangs

Another week, another recall. Ford has issued a safety campaign for nearly 6,000 Mustangs in North America due to faulty door handle springs. The manufacturer says that side impact crashes could cause the driver-side door to unlatch, increasing the risk of injury. This doesn’t seem as alarming as, say, faulty airbags or fire risks, but nonetheless Ford wants to take preventative measures. No accidents or injuries related to this issue have been reported.

The defect, according to Ford, only affects the driver-side interior door handle. The cause may be contributed by an improperly oriented return spring. Most of the affected models (5,756) are located in North America, while the rest are in Canada and Mexico. Ford plans to issue notices to owners of affected cars and instruct them to schedule a repair at their local dealer. Once inspected, dealers will either fix the driver-side interior handle or, if necessary, replace it for free.

Source and Image Source: CarBuzz


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