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Ford’s Fastest Mustang: Shelby GT350R


American cars aren’t supposed to handle this well..or are they? Ford’s latest Mustang is all souped-up, ready to race and turn some heads. This is the Ford Shelby GT350R.┬áCheck out some of the specs:

  • Ford 5.2 liter V8
  • 526 horsepower
  • 429 pound-feet of torque
  • Natural aspiration
  • Turbocharged
  • Flat-plane crankshaft

Hoping to know a little more about that flat-plane crankshaft? Us too. It’s the key innovation to this ride connecting rods at 180-degree intervals as opposed to 90-degree intervals. The crankshaft layout helps to generate an exotic-sounding exhaust note. It also helps to improve engine breathing while delivering a quick and high rev. The GT350R proves that Ford has come to play. Check it out, right here:




via PC World

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