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Getting to The Bottom of The Corvette Z06

A few weeks ago, Chevrolet gave us a sneak peek at the new Z06, which allowed us to hear the V8 roar. Unfortunately, the teaser video didn’t show any of the exterior, but we’ve seen videos and photos of the camouflaged prototypes. One Corvette fan needed an up close look so bad, that he tracked down where the prototypes were parked overnight, and even snuck underneath a car to avoid security who was patrolling the area.

So, thanks to Brandon, we get a detailed look at the Z06. Noteworthy discoveries include a transmission with a magnesium case and a unique exhaust layout than that of the Stingray. Check out the video, right here. Oh, and needless to say, shout out to Brandon. We’re thankful for car lovers like him and the risks they take in the name of vehicle knowledge. It’s honest work.

Source: CarBuzz, Rick Corvette Conti

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