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Too Good to be True: The Tucker Torpedo


For the Tucker Torpedo (and Tucker himself) it was all about the future. Preston Thomas Tucker dreamed big and what he envisioned was what America wanted: a car they hadn’t seen. The Tucker was full of innovations including a third, centered headlight, doors cut into the roof to ease entry and exit and a roomy six-passenger cabin. Let’s not forget the “Safety Chamber” where front passengers could dive “in case of impending collision.” Despite all of this forethought, the Tucker didn’t take off. Only 50 were made making this car almost too good to be true. See what Tucker Club historian and restorer Martyn Donaldson has to say about this rare ride:

Source: Jay Leno’s Garage

Image Source: CarsfotoDB

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  1. Anonymous

    I always admire people like Tucker, those who dream big and aim for the future. However, even the best ideas can face challenges in widespread acceptance. Reading about the Tucker Torpedo left me amazed and feeling regretful about its untapped potential, but it’s also a reminder of the value of pursuing passion and creativity.
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