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Half-Mile Duel: Challenger Hellcat vs. Corvette Z06

If you’re like us, you’re a big fan of a standard drag race. But let’s not forget about half-mile races. Surprisingly, they can be even more valuable than your average quarter-mile, not to mention extremely entertaining. Evenly matched cars can go head-to-head on a quarter-mile drag and come out pretty close. But put those same cars on a half-mile track, and the gap between them widens.

Thanks to Track Day TV on YouTube, we get to watch a Dodge Challenger Hellcat lineup against a Chevrolet Corvette Z06. The cars are similar, both factory stock and running on 93 octane. The C7 Z06 produces 650-HP and the Hellcat is rated for 707-HP. So, what happens when you pit two of America’s greatest sports cars in a half-mile sprint? See for yourself, right here.

Source: Track Day TV, Motor 1

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