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Head Down Under with the Bolwell Nagari


G’Day mates! Today we’re exploring the Australian car culture with the beautiful Bolwell Nagari. Bolwell got its start in the 1960’s building kit cars and later moved on to production models. “Nagari” is an aboriginal word meaning “to flow” and this sports car does just that (with a little help from its Ford V-8). Thanks to its light weight and good looks the Nagari could spar with any European sports coupe of the era. Because Bolwell produced very few Nagari’s back in the day, they’re not easy to come by. But don’t lose hope yet! The updated Nagari is pretty spectacular:

In case you were wondering what the 1972 Nagari looked like in action, we’ve got you covered:

Source: www.YouTube.com/BolwellCarCompanywww.YouTube.com/BolwellCarCompany

Image Source: Drive.com.au

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