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The King of Barn Finds: Elvis’ BMW 507 Roadster

elvis  bmw507munichra2

The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll may be gone, but there’s no doubt that his legacy lives on. During his days in the U.S. Army while stationed in Germany, Elvis Presley’s ride of choice was the BMW 507 roadster. His army tour was up in 1960 and the 507 was shipped home along with him. Later in 1968, an engineer named Jack Castor bought the car in Arizona where it sat in a warehouse for decades. Today the rare and infamous car is back on the map and BMW plans a full restoration. Check it out here:




Source: SFGate, MSN Autos

Top Image Source: BimmerPost

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  1. Anonymous

    Full restoration? Don’t tell the fans that BMW classic center is going to rip off the cracked old leather on which Elvis sat, and toss it in the dumpster in order to reupholster with new Connlly hides.

    John Kuhn Bleimaier

    PS: We need some documentation on the provenance. Did this 507 come out of the tool shed at Graceland?

    • Carancestry

      As of 1968, this 507 was in an Arizona warehouse then transferred to the BMW museum decades later. This piece of information makes a great addition to the article. Thank you for your comment!

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