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Living in the Past: Bugatti at Garage Novo


“Driving a Bugatti is as natural as driving a modern car, for me it is exactly the same” Jean Novo said it best. Garage Novo, founded by Jean’s father, Henri specializes in Bugatti and for this family it’s more than just work; it’s a passion. When an old time car rides like one on the road today, you know you’re doing something right. Check out Garage Novo (and Jean’s Bugatti Type-38) right here:

Source: Petrolicious

Image Source: Barrett-Jackson

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  1. Anonymous

    Mon Dieu! Back in the old days there was a legend of a fine Bugatti which disappeared just after a caravan of Gypsies passed through near the old chateau. Now we hear the rest of the story. Where can we contact the person who is presently in possession of this long lost gem?

    Jean K.B.

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