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The New Dodge Demon Is Getting New Parts To Handle Extreme Torque

Torque is an amazing thing. An unmatched force that propels two-ton metal machines forward at unbelievable speeds. But that same torque will bend and break those metal parts we love so much. which is why the new Dodge Demon is preparing for such force. The new Dodge Demon is compensating for its increased torque with new redesigned and, most importantly, reinforced parts.

Week 8’s video, “Race-hardened Parts,” hints at what these new parts can handle. These new parts include an upgraded prop shaft, half shafts, and a differential housing. It’s still unclear exactly how much torque the Demon will give out, put considering the Challenger Hellcat makes 650 pound-feet of torque, we can only image what the Demon will bring to the table. We’ll keep you posted on that. For now, check out this week’s teaser video:


Source: AutoBlog

Video Source: Dodge

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