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Sneak Peak Of The 2021 Ford Bronco

Although this sneak peak of the 2021 Ford Bronco isn’t revealing any groundbreaking changes anticipated for the SUV, we appreciate the intell nonetheless. The images reveal a round headlight that draws design inspo from the classic Bronco SUV. Other features are modern touches like slender, vertical orange turn signals that will be unique in Ford’s lineup.

Luckily for us, a member of the Bronco6G forum has created renderings of the new Bronco to date which featured the new headlight design. The 3D models were made by forum member TopRecon and show the SUV as a two-door model. It’s unknown whether the Bronco will be exclusively four-door. Based off these renderings, it looks like the Ford Bronco might be coming for Jeep with this design. More to come.

Source: CarBuzz, Bronco6G

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