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Tesla Autopilot Navigates Dark Winter Roads With Ease

Last week, Tesla’s Autopilot technology proved its worth by successfully avoiding an accident that developed right before the drivers eyes. The video shows the Model X hit the brakes and stopped a safe distance from the two-car crash in front of it. A less extreme example of Tesla proving its capabilities can be seen in the video below. The video shows a Tesla on Autopilot successfully navigating a dark road. You can see there are no clear lane lines or vehicles to help the EV find its way. The only lines on the road are the line down the middle and the line marking where the curb begins. This might not seem like a revolutionary moment for Tesla Autopilot technology, but considering how far the tech has come in the past year, we’re impressed.

For example, earlier this year the Model S Autopilot was tested and results concluded the car was skittish and unsure at times. Considering these test runs were made on a clear day with visible lane markers and lines, Tesla is showing some serious advancements in its Autopilot tech. Keep up the good work, Tesla.

Source and Image Source: CarBuzz

Video Source: Kman Auto

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