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Tesla Wants To Bundle Insurance And Maintenance Costs Into Its Pricing

Looks like Tesla has come up with yet another great reason to buy one of its cars. We all know Teslas mission is to prove it can build the best cars in the world, and we love every second of it. The automaker has recently announced that the Model S hit 60 mph in 2.28 seconds, making it the fastest hypercar out there. According to Business Insider, the latest and greatest from CEO Elon Musk is a concept to offer insurance and maintenance in the cost of its vehicles.

Tesla has already rolled out this concept in Asia, but Jon McNeil, Teslas president of sales and services is confident it will transition to the U.S. He said, “It takes into account not only the Autopilot safety features but also the maintenance cost of the car. It’s our vision in the future we could offer a single price for the car, maintenance, and insurance.”¬†This concept makes sense, seeing that Tesla cars don’t require as much maintenance as a normal gasoline or diesel car. It also seems interesting on the insurance side since, in theory, a self-driving car should be safer than a normal car, and therefore command lower insurance rates. Tesla might be¬†paving the way in designing a way to make the car ownership experience even simpler for customers.

Source and Image Source: CarBuzz, Business Insider


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