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The 1957 Ford That Packs A Shelby GT500 V-8

Jay Gribble has long been a creator of muscle car greatness. Back in high school, he managed to build a competitive D/G car out of a 1933 Chevy coupe. The project we’re featuring today is a 1957 Ford transformed into a power-packed monster and was finished earlier this year. Things that catch your eye about this beauty are the custom grille, the franchised headlights, and a shaved hood.

Jay, with the help of fellow Texan Eddie Hill (who also owns the car), stuffed a Shelby GT500 V-8 motor into the oldie but goodie. Along with a slew of modifications, they managed to turn this 1957 Ford into a beautiful display of classic car gold. See it for yourself, right here:

Source: Hot Rod, Motor Trend


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