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The Equus Bass 770: America’s Newest Muscle Car


Detroit-based Equus Automotive has managed to bring the 1960s and ‘70s back to life. The Equus Bass 770 looks like the muscle cars we know and love and drives like the modern vehicles we can’t live without. The style of the Bass 770 mirrors many elements of iconic cars of the past. This model has an impressive full aluminum bespoke frame and body with tailored leather interior. Under the hood you can find a supercharged 640 horsepower V8 engine. This perfect combination of refinement and sport proves that the Bass 770 has arrived.



Watch the Bass 770 grace the roadway courtesy of Equus Automotive:

Source: www.YouTube.com/EquusAutomotive

Images Source: www.CarHoots.com

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  1. Anonymous

    Nicely produced video. The story didn’t make too much sense but who cares, the car and the babe were all you needed to get my vote. Sooooo, where can I buy a few of these?

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