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Watch The Evolution of The Mustang In 5 Minutes

When Ford launched the original Mustang back in 1964, we’re sure the automaker had no clue that it would grow to be the best selling American sports car. The model was originally marketed as a “secretary’s car,” and Ford projected it to be pretty popular. There was one person in particular who not only took a special interest in the Mustang, but also saw the cars full potential. If you haven’t guess it yet, its Carroll Shelby.

Shelby, a former chicken farmer turned Le Man-winning race car driver from Texas, saw immediate areas of opportunity for the ‘Stang. He thought he would swap out the V6 for a V8, perform the necessary suspension and chassis modifications and there you have it. But, the Mustang, like other icons in the industry, kept its essentials over the decades. Watch the video below to experience the evolution of America’s favorite sports car.

Source: CarBuzz



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