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Welcome to the Future: The Autonomous Mercedes F015


“Theoretically you’ll still be able to drive yourself but why on earth would you want to?” Welcome to the future, car enthusiasts. You’re looking at the brainchild of Dr. Dieter Zetsche and his Mercedes team: one of the first autonomous car concepts. They call it the F015 or ‘Luxury In Motion.” That’s right, Dr. Zetsche predicts, “cars will turn into ‘mobile homes’ that enable people to do exactly what they want or need to do.”

But when you’re not kicked-back or catching up on some paperwork in your Benz, there’s a chance you may actually want to drive it. Check out the concept stats:

– powered by Mercedes’ hydrogen fuel cell tech

– 272bhp

– 0-62mph in 6.7 seconds

– 124mph top speed

– 682 mile range

We think Mercedes may be on to something here.





Source: Top Gear

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