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1917 Traub: The World’s Rarest Motorbike


This is the unique yet mysterious Traub Motorbike. To this day, no one knows the Traub’s origin prior to 1967 when it was found behind a brick wall in Chicago, Illinois. The craftsmanship of this machine is pure genius, but we may never know the name of the person behind it all. After resurfacing, the Traub had three owners. In 1990, the motorbike was sold to the Wheels Through Time Museum. It has been on permanent display in the museum collection ever since.

When comparing the Traub to other top motorcycle makes and models of the era, it cannot be matched. Check out the specs:

–       sand-cast, hand-built engine

–       three-speed transmission

–       top speed in excess of 85mph


Hundreds of parts make up this special motorcycle. Of all those parts, not one can be found anywhere else in the world. This remarkable motorbike just may be the world’s rarest.

Image Sources: Wheels Through Time, Heavy

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