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The Iconic 1981 Daimler Sovereign


Whether you love TV memorabilia, classic cars, or both the 1981 Daimler Sovereign is something to see. Back in the day, this car belonged to characters Arthur (George Cole) and Terry (Dennis Waterman) on the TV series “Minder.” According to the original vendor, George Cole nearly bought the car himself in 1985 until it was given away in a TV Times competition instead. The Daimler hasn’t been seen in public for almost 12 years but now it’s making a comeback. Up for auction this month, one lucky bidder will own a piece of TV history.



George Cole and Dennis Waterman, stars of “Minder”

Image Sources: MailOnline.com, Social Register UK

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  1. Anonymous

    what is the difference between a Daimler Sovereign and Jaguar AJ6? I would have said the car picture here is the Jaguar.

    • Carancestry

      Thank you for your question! Daimler Motor Company Limited is a British car manufacturer with cars dating back to 1896. In 1960 Jaguar Motor Company bought Daimler and this lead to some confusion on the product spectrum. Jaguar aimed to produce a line of luxury automobiles but also wanted the Daimler name attached to them. Enter the Daimler (Jaguar) Sovereign. Daimlers were manufactured using Jaguars as a model. The Series III Sovereign, built between 1979 and 1983 (like the 1981 model featured in our post), was based on the Jaguar XJ6 model.

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