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Chevrolet Considering Midsize Crossover

Crossovers are all-the-rage in the industry right now. Automakers are planning to offer a size and shape for every customer. With the debut of the new 2018 Traverse in Detroit, there’s a clear opportunity for a midsize-crossover between the three-row Traverse and the compact Equinox. When Chevy was asked about this seemingly-obvious gap, a spokesperson said the company is looking into expanding their crossover lineup. It should be relatively simple, seeing that they would just need to redesign the existing GMC Acadia. Although they’re different sizes, the new Acadia and Traverse share the same platform; The Acadia is now on a short-wheelbase version of the C1XX while the Traverse uses long-wheelbase C1XX parts. A short-wheelbase Chevy built on the C1XX seems like the perfect thing to differentiate from both the Acadia and the larger Traverse.

Some would argue that offering more and more models would take away sales from the existing ones, but Chevy is all about brand loyalty. They would rather offer a car for every customer if it means keeping them from shopping outside of the brand.

Source: AutoBlog

Video Source: Redline Reviews

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