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Dodge Challenger Hellcat Vs. Mercedes C63 AMG

To our surprise, these two have more in common than we thought. If you wanted to make a decent comparison of muscle cars, naturally, you would choose similar makes/models. For example, you might put the Dodge Challenger Hellcat up against American rides like the Chevy Camaro ZL1 or the Ford Mustang GT350. Cross-shopping the Challenger Hellcat with a Mercedes-AMG seems a bit out of the ordinary. But, the C63 AMG’s base price is within $3,000 of the Hellcat’s. Unfortunately, if you want the 503 horsepower C63 AMG S, you’re looking at over $72,000 – bringing it about $10,000 more than a base Hellcat, (and still down 200 hp).

We knew the Hellcat would be cheaper, but is it better?  The Fast Lane Car gets down to business and puts these models to the test. The main question? Is the huge price and power difference enough to make Hellcat the winner.

Source: CarBuzz

Video Source: The Fast Lane Car

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