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Dodge Demon Is Leaked in Fast 8 Video with Vin Diesel

It’s week three of the twelve-part Dodge Demon teaser roll out, and already the metaphorical Hellcat is out of the bag. A video posted to YouTube featuring Vin Diesel discussing the The Fate of the Furious (Fast 8) has what we are almost positive are two Dodge Challenger Demons parked in the background.


The cars in the video appear to have the logo affixed to the fender, where the current Hellcat logo resides. In addition, the wheels and hood scoop seem to mirror the ones flashed in the latest teaser video. While we’re not 100 percent certain these are Demons, all signs point to yes.

Even if this video spoiled Dodge’s plans of three months of build up and mystique, seeing the car here only makes us more excited for the formal reveal. All of the upgrades are still unknown, other than it’ll be 200 lbs lighter, so the mystery is still there. Stay tuned.

Source and Image Source: AutoBlog

Video Source: Insta FOXtv

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