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Tesla Model S 100D Goes 335 Miles Per Charge

Tesla’s decided to up their miles per charge game. The automaker now offers a Model S with 335 miles of range, and a Model X that goes 295 miles on one charge. The company has quietly added 100D variants (with no “P” prefix) of its EVs.

In addition to adding an extra 20 miles of range over the P100D, forgoing the extra performance will save you $39,500 in the sedan, and $37,000 in the SUV. Yes, seriously. In fact, the 100D models are just $3,000 more than the 90D. They share the 90D’s 0-60 times of 4 visit this site.2 seconds in the S, and 4.8 seconds in the X, which is still decently quick. And let’s be honest, do we really need to do 0-60 mph in under three seconds? Didn’t think so.

Apart from the extra 10 kWh of battery capacity, the 90D and 100D offer the same standard equipment, including Teslas autonomous driving hardware. An extra 41 miles of range per charge for $3,000 more than the 90D? Seems like quite a deal, so we won’t be surprised if this helps boost Tesla sales. We can imagine that an electric vehicle customer might be more concerned with efficiency over having the quickest car on the block.

Source and Image Source: AutoBlog

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