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This Dodge Demon Reservation Is Going For $30,000

Dodge began accepting its first orders last week for the limited production run of the Challenger SRT Demon. Up for sale on Craigslist, is one guy’s reservation to buy a 2018 Demon at MSRP from his South Carolina Dodge dealer. The seller claims he’s “in the process of buying a house and we have a baby on the way so it’s just not going to work (buying the Demon, that is)”.

Here’s how he plans to make this work: “You are paying me for the right to walk into the dealership with me and have full rights to the vehicle that I was promised. You will then be able order your own customized Demon to whatever specifications you desire and the only thing that you will pay is the MSRP and your sales tax.”

How does the sellers Dealer feel about this? He says,  “I checked with my dealer and he’s fine with someone taking my place as they’re from the United States.” The asking price on the listing is $30k, so we wouldn’t be surprised if there were some negotiations. What we’re curious about is if Dodge would consider this a dealership markup, in an indirect way. Interested? Check out the listing here.

Source: CarBuzz, Craigslist



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