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Dodge: The Long-Awaited Demon Will Have A Number Of Limitations

As you probably know, Dodge is starting production this summer on the Challenger SRT Demon. Turns out, the much-hyped 840-hp beast will have a slew of limitations. That is, if you choose to get the ride in its standard configuration.

Before anyone can pull out of the lot in a new Demon, they must sign a disclosure form acknowledging some of the vehicle’s limitations. Turns out, you won’t be able to drive the Demon anywhere practical in its standard set up. The form, originally obtained by FCA enthusiast site¬†Allpar,¬†requires 15 signatures on 15 different conditions. Note worthy restrictions include passengers are not to initiate “track-use” features on public roads and passengers should not ride in the passenger or rear seat if they have been removed. Two very reasonable conditions.

Some limitations that owners might feel a little more slighted by include details regarding the Demon’s tires. The Demon’s Nitto NT05R drag radial tires, although street-legal, are not intended for highway use. The form also notes that customers shouldn’t drive the Demon in wet weather conditions, as the car could hydroplane. Additionally, drivers shouldn’t drive at temperatures lower than 15 degrees Fahrenheit because the drag tires can lose flexibility and crack. Fortunately theres a solution to these two limitations … ditch the drag radials and set the ride up with a more practical set of tires. We don’t think this should have any sort of huge effect on the Demons sales. I mean, come on… it’s the Demon after all.

Source: MotorTrend

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