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A Car Fit For Gatsby: The Duesenberg Model J


In the early 1920s, America needed an alternative to European luxury cars. Enter the Model J: a car for the rich and famous. Most Model Js were sold as a bare chassis to be fitted with an interior and body by a coachbuilder. The chassis alone sold for $8,500 USD, which is comparable to $114,503 USD today. This was the fastest and most powerful American passenger car. The engine was one of Fred Duesenberg’s engineering feats. Fitted with 265HP, few cars could match up to the Model J. Not effected by the Great Depression, 472 Model Js were produced from 1928-1937.

Step back in time with this video of the Duesenberg Model J.

Source: www.YouTube.com/RMAuctions

Image Source: The Car Crush

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